Ender 3 Instructions.

Here’s a detailed set of instructions for how to slice a digital design, import it to the Creality Ender 3 printer and print a simple object using PLA filament.

Adventures in Discordia.

My fiction writing has benefitted greatly from interactions with the writing community. From the accountability supported by daily updates, to critique, to discussions of characterization and worldbuilding, I’d have made considerably less progress and felt much more isolated without my writers’ circle. And that circle wouldn’t exist without chat app Discord. Discord is most popular…

FDM printing.

This is a brief process description I wrote up about fused deposition modeling (FDM) printing. As a hobbyist, it’s a topic I know a fair deal about, so it seemed like a natural subject for a tech writing sample.

Again? Again.

After an absurdly long hiatus, I thought it would be useful to reboot this space for short- and long-winded brain effluvia. Therefore, I pressed the nuke button on the old look and gave one of these fancy WordPress themes a try. It’s a several whole-number-WP-versions leap forward, so there’s some learning to do; many of…