Widening the field of view

I returned this weekend from a second week away from home.  It was the second trip of two: the first for business (San Fransisco) and the second for pleasure (Honduras).

Travel is a mess of contradictions.  It is a joy; it is a pain.  You are thrilled to arrive and happy to get home again.  Time away changes you, and while you long to return to the familiar, you come home slightly altered.

I am still processing these experiences.  (I am processing my photos as well.)  Particularly those from my trip outside the country to have adventures in Central America with my sweetheart.  I will blog soon about the highlights and my musings.

For the moment, I offer you a vague and slightly trite list of thoughts on the matter of “the journey.”

  • Experiences matter more than things.  A thousand-dollar vacation will enrich you more than the thousand dollars could.
  • Newness is rejuvenating.  The brain craves novelty; accommodate it.
  • The wonder of discovery is one of the most powerful drives we possess.  Let it lead you to unexpected places.

More to come.

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