Whither the bloggist?

Busy times.

Lately, I’ve been focused on preparations for upcoming travel, working on my urban development game, a little fiction writing, and some household tasks such as Spring gardening.  I haven’t been inspired to express my thoughts here on the blog … at least, not enough to produce polished posts.  I have half a dozen incomplete entries waiting for a burst of productivity.

I might have the energy to do so soon.  I’m traveling the next two weeks: first to San Francisco for work, then to Central America for pleasure.  There will be much plane time, hotel time, wait-in-airport time.  All good times to spool out a few paragraphs of half-formed thoughts.

I would also like to get some more of my past work into my portfolio.  And the blog needs more design love.  But that will probably have to wait until I return.

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