What in hell is a Glyphstone?

For starters, it’s the fourth (fifth?) incarnation of my blog.  Reinvention seems to be a habit for the virtual me.  Maybe this time I’ll get it right.

I ditched the Drupal setup in favor of WordPress because, as flexible as Drupal is, I don’t have the time to tweak it to perfection.  Plus, making HTML5 and jQuery work perfectly in all browsers is a headache.  Again, not enough time.  Other things to do.

Glyph stones are also a big part of the novel I’m currently writing.  As are magic, giant serpents, winged maidens, talking animals and islands in the sky.  Stay tuned.

Good things are in the works.  I’m feeling erudite, so it must be time to blog again.  It may also be time to share game design tidbits, worldbuilding insights, scraps of poetry, photographs and works of art.  In dribs and drabs, mind you.  No promises.  The proper rites must be observed.

Greetings and welcome!

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