This is not a blog post

Tiny railroad

The worlds smallest and most pointless railroad.

What’s happening with me?  Not much at the moment.  Well, wait … I shall amend.  Not much worth blogging about at length.

This weekend saw some small progress made on Metropolis, my ambitious tabletop urban development sim.  And, by small progress, I mean some tiny map tiles were made.  My transport network bits are quite ingenious, if I do say so.  But it takes a while to trace, ink, and cut all them dozens of rail and road segments and intersections.  Still in progress.  (Next up: a veritable buttload of color-coded occupant markers for buildings.  So players can tell the difference between a pizza parlor and a sporting good store.)

Also worked on this weekend: trimming wisteria vines.  This is a joy and I encourage everyone to experience it.  In fact, if you’d like to come to my house and give it a try, I’ll show you where the ladder and shears are.

Tonight: Gamecrafters meetup.  Gotta help get those prototypes in working order for Gamestorm.

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