Whither the bloggist?

Busy times.

Lately, I’ve been focused on preparations for upcoming travel, working on my urban development game, a little fiction writing, and some household tasks such as Spring gardening.  I haven’t been inspired to express my thoughts here on the blog … at least, not enough to produce polished posts. … Continue reading

This is not a blog post

Tiny railroad

What’s happening with me?  Not much at the moment.  Well, wait … I shall amend.  Not much worth blogging about at length.

This weekend saw some small progress made on Metropolis, my ambitious tabletop urban development sim.  And, by small progress, I mean some tiny map tiles were made.  My transport network … Continue reading

Bored gamer

I’ve given up on board games lately.  Well, to clarify: I’ve given up playing board games.  At least for a while.

A couple of years ago, I got back into tabletop strategy games after a long hiatus.  It had been a decade or so since I’d last played anything remotely involved, … Continue reading

On being sick

You never really appreciate all the holes in your head until one or more of them becomes inoperable.

I’ve got the plague going around the office and it knocked me down last night, so today has been spent at home doing very little, trying to breathe.

The irony, of course, … Continue reading