My words and thoughts have been for myself, of late.  And also for those close to me, both in space and mind.  But they have not been transmitted via this interface.

I’m feeling more wordly lately.  I am hoping to re-commence contributing to this eclectic assemblage of prose.  Soon.  Perhaps, … Continue reading

Clan building

Where are my people?

The hollow juggernaut of social media claims to herald a world where it’s easier than ever to find “your people,” but I have to disagree.  While you can connect with a wider audience that you would, say, face-to-face at some public venue, the connections you make online … Continue reading

Gotta get back

The steady stream of Card-a-Day descriptions has enabled me to engage in writing (very) short-form fiction on a near-daily basis, which has been fun and sometimes amusing.  I hope these little snippets have also been enjoyable to readers.

But I need to dust off my stack of half-finished blog posts and … Continue reading