Adding more to the spell books

In WordPress, shortcodes are where the magic happens.

Basically, when you create a post, it’s text with some light markup (formatting).  If you want to insert anything else, like an image, you’re using a shortcode.  It’s a snippet that WP translates into the entity you want inserted.  They’re fairly simple, … Continue reading

Bless this mess

As I have with every blog platform/CMS in the past, I’m running into strange issues with WordPress.  Some of my thumbnail images are of terrible quality.  Others don’t show up on the front page at all.

I’d complain, but this is par for the course in web development.  Tinkering continues.

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Pardon the sawdust

I’m not entirely sold on this WordPress theme.  It’s a little loud and busy.  I like the backgrounds but it’s probably too distracting.

So, I’ll probably be rotating others in and out to test the look of other themes.  Do not be alarmed.  Thank you for your patience.

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