Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #6

Theory Card Back

Theory Card Back

In addition to evidence cards, the game includes theories for the players to prove (by compiling enough of the right kind of evidence, naturally).  The current design of the Theory Card back incorporates the kind of stereotypical, crazy quilt “Illuminati flowchart” that is so fun to read.  The Bilderberg Group is run by the American Dental Association?  Do tell!

Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #1

Card back: Evidence

The current design for the evidence card back.

I’ve decided to start posting bits and pieces from projects I’m working on, starting with a prototype of a card game I’m designing called Conspiracy! (exclamation point for emphasis).  It’s a kind of deck-building, card-matching mashup set in the world of global conspiracies and the conspiracy theorists who attempt to reveal them.

Why do this?  First, it’s fun to share.  Second, I’ve designed enough of these cards to post one per day for over two years.  So … what have I got to lose?

And so … I give you on Day One the card back design for the evidence cards, which will be the vast majority of the cards in the game.

(Disclaimer: this is a game prototype. Most of the images you see are placeholders, either Creative Commons licensed or used uncredited.  The final product will utilize all original art.  No work by others will be used by me in a product for sale without permission and attribution.  Promise!)