Project: Map redesign (Brief History of the World)

Since I became addicted to playing the iOS version of the deceptively simple world conquest game A Brief History of the World, and because the tabletop version of the game has been out of print for almost eight years, I’ve begun designing a custom version to have printed so I can share the game with others.

The first part of the redesign I’ve undertaken is the board, which is a unique polar projection of Earth.  Because the game spans almost 5,000 years of history—beginning in the ancient world with the likes of Egypt, Sumeria and the Aryans, and ending in the early 20th Century with modern Britain, the United States and Japan—I wanted to give the map a more antique look than the print version’s somewhat gaudy colors and textures.


Brief History board

The original map.

My reimagined version, in progress.

My reimagined version, in progress.

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