Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #94

Evidence Card 0068: Secret Pact

Evidence Card 0068: Secret Pact

“Greetings, Prosper Seven.”

“Hail, Master Clue.”

“Tremble Protocol is go?”

“Once stage Delta Omicron is blue, proceed with Thunder Protocol.”

“Excellent.  Good luck to you and all your Wind Chaser brethren.”

“Wind Chasers?  That’s Prosper Four.  I’m with the Stopwatch Mandate.”

“I beg your pardon … uh, ‘walk with the Elder Frog.'”

“I’m sorry..?”

“‘Tear down the Golden Tabernacle?'”


“Okay, look … I’ve totally forgotten what any of this nonsense means.  I was afraid to say anything, but now it’s too late and I’m probably in big trouble.  But I can’t pretend anymore!”

“Really?  Thank god.  I thought I was the only one who was faking it.  Why the hell did we join this secret cabal, anyway?”

“At first?  The discount on footwear and hair care products.  It evolved so slowly, I guess we didn’t notice.  By the time it became this ‘overthrow the government and enslave all mankind’ nonsense, it was too late to back out.”

“Oh, man … we’re so dead.  Still … nice shoes!”

“Your hair looks fantastic!”

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