Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #89

Evidence Card 0064: Hermetic Magic

Evidence Card 0064: Hermetic Magic

“You still dating that strange magic chick?”

“Rosalinda?  Naw, we broke up a month ago.”

“Too weird for you?”

“No, it wasn’t that.  She drew up my astrological chart and decided that our ‘elemental balance’ was wrong or something like that, and she called it off.”

“Tough break.  But hey, since you’re not seeing her anymore … is she a real blonde?”

“Well, she’s got blond hair, right?”

“Yeah, but … do the carpet and drapes match?”

“Of course.  She’s a Rosicrucian.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Have you heard the hermetic maxim?”

“No.  What is it?”

“‘As above, so below.'”

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