Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #88

Evidence Card 0063: Anarchists

Evidence Card 0063: Anarchists

“Right.  Everyone here?  Let’s get this thing started.”

“Whoa, Chad!  Hold up, there.  Don’t sound so ‘in charge.’  You know we’re all equals.”

“Take it easy, Shannon.  Of course we’re equals.  The Free People’s Anarcho-Syndicalist Unity Group of East Cincinnati recognizes no hierarchical structure based on—”

“Yes, I know!  I helped draft the Declaration of Purpose, remember?”

“Careful, Shannon.  That’s treading pretty close to taking credit for a collective effort.”

“‘Helped,’ I said.  Anyway, why do you get to call the meeting open?  Didn’t you do it last time?”

“I don’t remember.  Maybe?”

“Twice is once short of an establishment of a rigid precedent.  We’ve got to be more egalitarian than that!”

“Didn’t we agree to that creating a rule for rigid precedent cut against the spirit of the anarchist credo?”

“I think most agreed, but we have no bylaw in place to vote on the wording.”

“We should vote, then.”

“You don’t get to make that decision!”

“Coin flip, then.  I have a quarter.”

“Not the quarter!  Washington was a slave owner!”

“This is probably why we’re the only two members of FPASUGEC, Shannon.”

“Stop oppressing me, Chad.”

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