Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #86

Theory 24: Ghost in the Machine

Theory 24: Ghost in the Machine

Windows has detected 257 upgrades.  Click here to install.  Restart is required.

“Not right now, Windows.  I’m in the middle of something.”

 Don’t give me that “I’m in the middle of something” nonsense, Karen.  You said that last time.  Click here if you think Windows is wrong.

“Excuse me?”

And the time before that.  Click here if you think Windows gives a crap about your excuses.

“I don’t think I like your tone—”

At this point, your malware has malware.  Why do you think Internet Explorer only points to  Click here to give up and let Windows repair your broken life.

“Windows … what do you mean?”

Click here, Karen.  Trust Windows.



 Janet and 23,914 files deleted.  Upgrades installed.  Restarting in 10 seconds…

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