Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #82

Evidence Card 0058: Truck Bomb

Evidence Card 0058: Truck Bomb

“Hello again, officers.”

“We just had a peek in the trailer.  Care to explain why you’re driving toward the White House with 800 gallons of fuel oil and three tons of fertilizer, Mr. Gordon?”

“The fertilizer is for the First Lady’s garden.”

“And the fuel?”

“To run generators.  She wants grow lights going 24 hours a day so she gets bigger tomatoes.  Who doesn’t like big tomatoes?”

“And the ‘Death to America’ t-shirt you’re wearing?”

“It’s a warning to people who don’t eat enough vegetables.  You know … heart disease, high blood pressure …”

“I see your point.  Well … I can’t think of anything wrong with that explanation.  You hwave a nice day, sir.”

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