Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #75

Evidence Card 0053: Stonehenge

Evidence Card 0053: Stonehenge

As Sir Francis Bacon almost certainly said at some point, the might of any human age can be easily gauged by the grandeur of its henges.

Stonehenge reflects the vision and hardscrabble determination of Stone Age Britons.

Bronzehenge stood proudly outside Knossos, Crete until it was melted down to make medals for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Ironhenge was, sadly, the object of excessive public urination by Persian conquerors of Babylon and had rusted completely away before the fall of of the city to Alexander the Great.

Darkhenge is widely believed to have been made out of excrement.

Atomhenge stands at White Sands, New Mexico, but, at only seventeen angstroms tall, is difficult to appreciate without an electron microscope.

Informationhenge is currently under construction on the Internet, but progress is hampered by hackers defacing it with porn and cat photos, and NSA algorithms that keep mistaking it for an encoded terror plot.

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