Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #60

Agenda: Fringe

Agenda: Fringe

Someday, they’ll know I was right.  But, by then, it’ll be too late.

I’ve been recording the patterns, the strings of numbers in the newspaper, secret symbols stuck on the backs of street signs, subliminal signals injected into radio static, the tapping in the plumbing in some kind of alien Morse code … it’s all there on my blog, in the chat rooms, the Usenet threads, IRC, posted to the USB dead drops around town.  The information is out there for anyone who will listen.

But I’ve got to keep a low profile.  That’s why I quit my job and moved into the basement.  Because they have eyes and ears everywhere.  They exercise control because they’ve been controlling us, operating in plain sight, for so long we no longer notice.  They would silence me in a second if they could find me.

Something’s coming … something big.  The culmination of centuries of planning and manipulation.  And when it happens, and the sky rains fire, and the streets are full of tanks, and people you once trusted are trying to kill you … you’ll wish you’d listened to TruthSeeker_2999.

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