Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #59

Evidence Card 0041: Radar Contact

Evidence Card 0041: Radar Contact

“Alpha Echo Seven, this is Big Mountain.  Report.”

“Roger, Big Mountain.  I’m at 12,000 feet flying north-northwest, speed 350 knots, in pursuit of target.  Visual range in seven seconds.”

“Be prepared for hostile force, Alpha Echo Seven, but weapons hold.”

“I have visual contact with the craft … it’s saucer-shaped, with multiple windows.”

“Can you see the pilot?”

“Negative … no, wait! I see someone.  A short humanoid, large head, big eyes, no hair.  He’s standing up … now he’s bending over …”

“Is he threatening you, Alpha Echo Seven?”

“He’s … mooning me, Big Mountain.”

“Say again, Alpha Echo Seven.”

“Dude’s mooning me, sir.  Full moon.”

“Are you sure?”

“Two cheeks, plain as day, Big Mountain.”

“Weapons free, Alpha Echo Seven.  I don’t care what engagement protocol says—that’s just out of line!”

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  1. Conspiracy Card #59 is a hoot! Thanks for a laugh on a warm but still cold Sunday in March. Keep up the tongue-in-cheek humor it givesmore life to the images.

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