Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #139

Evidence Card 0106: Royalty

Evidence Card 0106: Royalty

“Majordomo! Admit the next groveler!”

“Your Majesty, I—”

“Kneel before your king, swine!”

“Oh, certainly.”

“Doff your cap!”

“Yes.  Many apologies.”

“Avert your eyes!  Gaze not upon the royal personage!”

“Uh … sorry.”

“Now, do you have a question for his Excellency?”

“I do.”

“Well … spit it out, then!

“Could I … um, have his … signature?”

“Our … signature?”

“Yes, your Exaltedness.”

“Why on Earth would I do such a thing?”

“Because … you ordered something from … ‘Plush Monkey Emporium’?”

“Why, yes!  It’s Mister Bingles!!!”

“Great.  Just mark it right here, at the bottom.”

“Bingles, wingles, dingles, fingles … oh, how I’ve longed for your arrival, my squishy little friend!  We simply must retire to the royal bath chamber!”

“This way, querent.  Let us leave the king in peace.”

“Is he … always like this?”

“Well, this is a mental institution.  Sorry for the yelling before.  It’s better not to shatter the illusion.”

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