Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #129

Evidence Card 0098: Dropoff

Evidence Card 0098: Dropoff


“I suppose you think this is funny.”

The voice on the phone was cold, with a hard edge.  Tamara knew right away who it was.

“Did you find the bag?” she asked, face flushed.  “It’s a paper bag, from Trader Joe’s.  I put it in the roof vent like you told me.”

Her phone buzzed.  She’d gotten a text.  Clicking away from the call, she saw a photo attachment and opened it.

A brown paper bag was torn open on a table.  Inside were two sandwiches, a fruit cup, a Little Debbie snack cake and a juice box.

“Where’s the money, Sanchez?” barked the angry voice.

Well, she thought in a moment of unnatural calm, little Manny is going to have a surprise when he opens his lunch today…

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