Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #128

Evidence Card 0097: Strange Bedfellows

Evidence Card 0097: Strange Bedfellows

Washington D.C.—A major scandal appears to be brewing over an anonymous video purporting to show senators Burgess Coleman (R-Ky.) and Timothy Orinthal (D-Me.) sharing a bed in an Atlantic City hotel.

In the video, Coleman, a decorated Vietnam veteran and staunch advocate for the coal industry, can be seen spooning naked with Orinthal, an environmentalist and vocal critic of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, calling the 62-year-old “sweetie”, “love bucket”, and “my chunky little piggy pie.”  After exchanging terms of endearment, the two feed each other Ferrero Rocher bonbons and kiss repeatedly.

While the authenticity of the anonymous video has been questioned, the New York Times refuses to reveal the identity of the person who provided it.

Both senators have declined to comment.

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