Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #111

Theory 45: Fight the Power

Theory 45: Fight the Power

“Yeah! Booyah, muthafucka!”

“Shit, man … you emptied dat whole clip!”

“You see that?”

“No mercy, dawg.”

“Keep driving!  This city is ours, you hear?  Don’t bring that shit up in this hood!”


“Speak, homes.”

“Not that this wasn’t a kick-ass driveby…”

“You see that that shit?  This is revolution, man!”

“We brought the pain on that blue muthafucka, standing there on the corner like a chump!”

“Um … but, why did we shoot up a mailbox?”

“Didn’t you hear T-Bone?  He wanted us to go out and make some noise!  ‘Break the blue line!’  That shit is broken, man!  Full o’ holes.”

“I think he meant something else by ‘blue line.’  Like the pol—”

“Baby steps, man!  I mean … I want revolution, but I ain’t crazy.  You want to get shot at?”

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