Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #105

Theory 32: End Times Prophecy

Theory 32: End Times Prophecy

“Hey, John!”

“What’s up, Justin?”

“Hey, I wanted to talk to you about your submission for the short fiction collection.”

“Yeah, did you like it?”

“Oh, sure … it’s really out there, you know?  All the stuff with the trumpets and the beast and the dragon?  And the earthquakes and bloody rivers and stuff?  Crazy!”

“Cool.  Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Still … I’m not sure a science fiction piece will fit in with the rest of the stories.  Plus, the ending is a little … dark, I guess?”

“Huh, really?  What kind of genre mix were you looking for?”

“Well, there’s a lot of history and fantasy in there, a little horror … we’ve got some poetry in the middle, and some of it gets a little racy.  Oh—and four guys took the same basic premise and wrote different versions of the same story, which turned out to be pretty interesting; it’s fun comparing and seeing how they diverge and contradict each other.  It’s a weird mix, to be sure.  But this end of the world stuff kind of sticks out.  I really want to include it, though.  It’s a great read.”

“Hmm.  What about Enoch?  His stuff is pretty crazy too.”

“Yeah, we decided not to include it.  He was a little disappointed, but I’m sure he’ll find an audience.”

“How about this … you put Revelation at the end, as a kind of fever dream addendum to the rest of it?  I’ll even rewrite the ending to make it a little more upbeat.”

“I see what you mean … yeah, okay, I’ll run it past the rest of the guys and see what they think.  We really want to nail down the final story list by spring so we can get the scribes working on this thing and get it on shelves in a couple years.  It’s going to be huge!”

“You think it’ll sell more than Gilgamesh?”

“Maybe … but I mean, it’s literally going to be huge!  Like, over a thousand pages.”

“Awesome.  I look forward to reading it!

“I think it’s going to set the bar for fiction, man.  People are going to read this thing and say, ‘wow, what great imaginations those guys have!’  I think it’s going to be the talk of Rome.  Even Emperor Constantine himself is asking for an advance copy!  Keep your fingers crossed.”

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