Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #103

Evidence Card 0076: Restricted Access

Evidence Card 0076: Restricted Access

4:16 AM tvent92 – Jordan I need you to grant me admin access to db301

4:17 AM jhaq_0 – How do you know about db301?

4:17 AM tvent92 – what?

4:18 AM jhaq_0  It’s restricted to A3 clearance and higher

4:20 AM tvent92 – KPL wont let me deploy the repo build without the auth key.  It says its in db301

4:21 AM jhaq_0  That’s stupid

4:22 AM tvent92 you set up the server, man

4:27 AM jhaq_0 – alright, but after the build, I’ll generate new credentials for all admins.  db301 is DOD restricted data.

4:30 AM tvent92 – I promise I won’t read anything, jeez, just want to run this build

4:33 AM jhaq_0 – OK, done.  Let me know when you’re finished.

5:49 AM tvent92 – ok, done

5:51 AM jhaq_0 -You didn’t peek in there, did you?

5:52 AM tvent92 Of course not!

5:54 AM jhaq_0 – cool

8:02 AM tvent92 – There are a disturbing number of pony photos in that database

8:03 AM jhaq_0 – i know, right?

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