Adding more to the spell books

In WordPress, shortcodes are where the magic happens.

Basically, when you create a post, it’s text with some light markup (formatting).  If you want to insert anything else, like an image, you’re using a shortcode.  It’s a snippet that WP translates into the entity you want inserted.  They’re fairly simple, like HTML tags.  Or little magic spells.

Today, I’ve been looking around at the multitude of shortcodes built into WordPress and available using plugins, and thinking about how I can make this place look a little more polished.  As usually happens when I’m presented with a wide array of options, however, I’m now a little overwhelmed.  My brain tends to think big, so it’s often best to let the expectations return to normal size before making decisions.

I love to tinker.  Expect some tinkering in the near future.

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