My words and thoughts have been for myself, of late.  And also for those close to me, both in space and mind.  But they have not been transmitted via this interface.

I’m feeling more wordly lately.  I am hoping to re-commence contributing to this eclectic assemblage of prose.  Soon.  Perhaps, … Continue reading

Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #138

Evidence Card 0105: Reporters

Evidence Card 0105: Reporters

Fenton Baumgardner was nodding off in front of his office computer when the phone rang.  He snapped awake and accidentally typed “jfwoi” at the end of his sentence.

It was 3 a.m.  The offices of the Dripping Springs News-Dispatch were closed, so the switchboard should have sent a call to voicemail.  He grimaced and grabbed the receiver, annoyed at the interruption.


“I have a secret I need to tell,” whispered the voice on the phone, barely audible.

Fenton’s journalistic training took control.  “Go ahead,” he said, grabbing a pencil.

There was a pause before the voice continued.  It sounded like an older woman, but it was so faint, it was hard to tell.

“A man is missing.”

“A missing person?”

“A prominent local figure.  His loved ones have not heard from him in weeks.”

“Who is this man?”

“He was the loving son of two proud parents who miss him very much.”

Fenton paused.

“Mom?  Is that you?”

Her voice suddenly rose, booming out of the phone.  “Would it kill you to call once and a while?  Honestly, Fen.  It’s like we don’t exist to you.”