Conspiracy! Card-a-Day #51

Theory 15: Occupation Force

Theory 15: Occupation Force


“What is it, Private?”

“Sir, explain to me again why we’re invading downtown Des Moines.”

“We’ve got to soften up the American people.”

“Soften them up, sir?”

“To get them ready for the arrival of our alien overlords.”

“Oh … so, we need to oppress our own citizens so they’re ready to accept the aliens’ authority.”

“No! We need to literally soften them up.  Greys don’t have teeth and human flesh is hard for them to swallow.”

This is not a blog post

Tiny railroad

What’s happening with me?  Not much at the moment.  Well, wait … I shall amend.  Not much worth blogging about at length.

This weekend saw some small progress made on Metropolis, my ambitious tabletop urban development sim.  And, by small progress, I mean some tiny map tiles were made.  My transport network … Continue reading